As part of the run-up to the publication of The Woman Who Lived Amongst the Cannibals, artists working in a number of mediums are creating responses to/mutilations/remixes of my novel. Today I am proud to share two such responses:

A sound piece by Kenny Mooney: And So Elizabeth You Are Called

And a video by Katie Woodzik: the message in entirety seems transcribed


Why Self-Publish

For those wondering, why self-publish:

The decision to self-publish is a decision toward freedom. It is a move toward amateurism.

Toward total control of all aspects of a finished, physical book.
From novelist or prose writer or fiction writer to a creator of books, objects, works of art, image, sound.

The Woman Who Lived Amongst the Cannibals will be created with the help of a printer.
The Woman Who Lived Amongst the Cannibals will be created with the help of an artist, Matt Kish.
A Light No More, next year to follow, will be created entirely by my hands.

No more Advanced Reader Copies, query letters, agents, editors, publicists, distributors, bookstores.
No more: submission, acceptance, rejection.

No more “Who will read this?” No more readers? No more scrounging for readers.
For the act of creation is the end purpose, not the packaging, marketing, selling of a product.

No more limits save the limits of my abilities.

the first 50

for those interested in a look at what I have been working on since March 2014 I am uploading here a pdf of the first 50 pages of my book-in-progress A Light No More. this is an unedited, incomplete, rough, in process set of pages–for all I know the final manuscript will in no way resemble what I am here uploading. from time to time I might upload more pages from the manuscript. or I might upload revisions of these pages. or I might not. I only know that this feels like something to share.