Found Word Poem by Samantha Vakiener

Words Found in The Woman Who Lived Amongst the Cannibals by Robert Kloss
Poem Crafted by Samantha Vakiener

Turn by the echoing sound of her name—
least consider that there is a lady—
classmen bearing candies and flowers, play,
‘sembling the former mistress of these lands,
bladders sloshing with paint, brushes of bone
to motion by the spirits of the dead.

Only white tailed deer springing through wild dead,
the banks, weeping the alligator’s name,
watering holes now burdened with the bleached bone
sags, but to look upon you the lady
yer king decrees it time to seek new lands
commanded by unseen hands, shadow play.

Sleeping and garments to wear while at play
nights he will speak of a woman once dead
pale light called forth across a vacant lands
see me, if you wish. No one comes. Your name,
reverence, call you “Ma’am” and “My Lady,”
seen a light seem to kindle. Here the bone—

Tocks, and the grim wings of her shoulder bone
orite of your people and resumes play
your departure, a prominent lady,
living and into the dust fall the dead.
One nuzzles his hand when he speaks her name,
delivers a speech on the western lands.

I journeyed through those grim and fleshless lands,
deranged, and here scorched anonymous bone
talking about. And now you say the name,
Band. Fumes, “I don’t know what game you are play—
eems this meal to your mouth, a thing long dead—
ious benefactor to shocked lady,

Which he claims to require some lady—
wind, and perhaps she strayed far into lands,
stumps of trees, and even a freshly dead
‘ber the bird, suck the skin and gnaw the bone.
tent for performance, while a kind of play…
Ally, now you wonder of his true name.

Sage, the lady of the house grasps her bone
across the western lands they travel, play-
es, wounded or dead. Now you call the name.


As part of the run-up to the publication of The Woman Who Lived Amongst the Cannibals, artists working in a number of mediums are creating responses to/mutilations/remixes of my novel. Today I am proud to share two such responses:

A sound piece by Kenny Mooney: And So Elizabeth You Are Called

And a video by Katie Woodzik: the message in entirety seems transcribed

Why Self-Publish

For those wondering, why self-publish:

The decision to self-publish is a decision toward freedom. It is a move toward amateurism.

Toward total control of all aspects of a finished, physical book.
From novelist or prose writer or fiction writer to a creator of books, objects, works of art, image, sound.

The Woman Who Lived Amongst the Cannibals will be created with the help of a printer.
The Woman Who Lived Amongst the Cannibals will be created with the help of an artist, Matt Kish.
A Light No More, next year to follow, will be created entirely by my hands.

No more Advanced Reader Copies, query letters, agents, editors, publicists, distributors, bookstores.
No more: submission, acceptance, rejection.

No more “Who will read this?” No more readers? No more scrounging for readers.
For the act of creation is the end purpose, not the packaging, marketing, selling of a product.

No more limits save the limits of my abilities.

the first 50

for those interested in a look at what I have been working on since March 2014 I am uploading here a pdf of the first 50 pages of my book-in-progress A Light No More. this is an unedited, incomplete, rough, in process set of pages–for all I know the final manuscript will in no way resemble what I am here uploading. from time to time I might upload more pages from the manuscript. or I might upload revisions of these pages. or I might not. I only know that this feels like something to share.