After I finished THE WOMAN WHO LIVED AMONGST THE CANNIBALS in March, 2014, I didn’t know if I would ever write another book. Yet, I immediately started trying. I wrote every day, as I generally have for much of my adult life, and I settled down to teach myself prose style–more than I ever had before, I made a serious study of great prose writers like Browne, Burton, Rabelais, and others who directly influenced Melville (who was also a constant voice). For two years I accumulated pages, topics, styles, perspectives, voices. Nothing stuck. Each week seemed to lead to something new, and then interest waned and ended. I didn’t mind. I was patient. The process it seemed would justify itself. Eventually this book, A LIGHT NO MORE, emerged. The book wrote itself, even as it devoured itself. It felt different and new, and maybe it is, and maybe it only seems that way. I am proud of this book for many reasons–partly because it feels different, and partly because it’s here, when I didn’t know if it ever would be. It was born out of sorrow and loss, and a pure exhilaration and joy for the act of writing and creation. Right now it feels like the book I’ve always wanted to make but never allowed myself to. You can still preorder the print copy–and I think you’ll find a lot to love in the book–or you can download a free (coverless, but mostly ready for the printer) PDF of A LIGHT NO MORE.

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